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An exciting running game which will make you indulged. It is extremely difficult to play, requires lots of patience and concentration. Too much of it will make you lose your state of mind. Proceed with care.

By superimba


A free-to-playmobile 2D vertical running game packed with an element of thrill and fun. This challenging game is about a little bird who is facing an ariel crisis as different objects came raining down. Trying hard to dodge every single of them to get a title and that will depend on how quick are your reflexes.  

Dodge Ball Gameplay 도지 볼-0

Dodge Ball Gameplay 도지 볼-0

Dodge Ball Gameplay

Game ControlEdit

Home Page

  • Sound button - Tigger to manually off/on the game sound
  • Play button - Tap to enter the game
  • How to play button - Tap to view game instructions. 

How to play

  • Back button - Tap to return to home Page

In Game

  • Swap on the device to control the bird around. 


  • Retry button - Tap to restart 
  • Home button - Tap to return to Home Page
  • In Game
  • Home Page
  • How to Play
  • Score

Game CharacterEdit


Type Spawn rate/s Speed
Bird Player - -
Smile Ball  Enemy 2.0 average
Yellow Ball Enemy 0.2 slow
Duck Enemy 10.0 very slow

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